Bitcoin Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions


How long has your website been operational?

Our company has been involved with Crypto/E-money exchange for 9 years.

Is there any live support?

Yes there is live support by using ICQ, Skype or via Jabber, please see footer for contact details, you can also use our form page.

Will my exchange be safe with your company?

The exchanges are very fast and are not kept on our account, they are exchanged direct to the wallet address, you provide, when you make your exchange.

Is your website secure and my details safe?

We have secured our website with the lastest web security and protection techonloy.


How do I create an account?

Please go the account login and on clicking this URL you will find the create new account URL, please complete the form and your account is ready to make an exchange.

Can I make a new account?

Yes you can, just use a new email, and you can register to use the account without any issues.

Can I reset my password?

There is a link to change your account password and you do this by logging into your account.


Can I check my trasnactions from my account?

Yes all accounts transactions are saved and kept on the website's history page.

How long does an exchange take?

The exchanges are usuallu completed within a 20 minute time frame, if you would like to to talk to live support please feel free to contact with any of the contacts in the footer of the website, at bottom the page.

Can I mkae more then one transaction at a time?

Yes you can make as many transactions as you want, you can check the status from the history page.

My transaction is pending, how can I check what is happening?

you can come on live support via the contact page, and give your transaction reference number.